1. Helping Orphanages

“What God the Father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world” (James 1:27). To give necessary assistance to the abandoned and destitute is making God’s heart happy. Give them an expectancy to live for God and raise them in godliness is to become the best citizens and children of God. Apart from these, we are committed to bring a radical change in the community, by eradicating malnutrition among poor—especially children, providing health/medical assistance to the poor and needy, helping abandoned elderly, and aiding existing orphanages with financial support. Harvesting Souls Mission is committed to help different orphanages in INDIA. Some orphanages are really struggling financially, so we have decided to help them. Please help us to run orphanages in different parts of India. There are many abandoned children in India especially in rural, slums, tribal areas in the remote part of India.

2. Medical camps

In India there are 5000 cities and towns and 600000 villages in India. In all cities and towns people living in slums. They do not get treatment in most of the time. People die in slums due to malaria, chickenpox ,HIV. blood cancer. Proper care is needed for these people living in slums. More people are living in villages far away from hospital and medical treatment centres. We want to conduct medical camps in different cities, towns and villages in India.

3. Widows and orphans

In India children are abandoned by the parents because of their dysfunctional family life. Many families their parents are also neglected by their children , most of them are widows .We want to help them to develop their life by giving them proper care , shelter, food, clothing, and medical treatment. For children we would like to build orphanages in different villages and suburban cities and town in India giving them shelter, food, clothing, education and vocational training. Develop them to a matured man and woman and good citizen in India.

4. Donate Funding for E-Toilets

In India most of the people who are living in remote villages , slums in towns and cities, fisherman colonies, coastal areas, tribal colonies , do not have proper toilet and sanitation system. They are badly need toilet in each houses. Some people uses public places , railway track, road side for emptying their bowels. Most of the places are stinking and virus contaminated. It causes to spread diseases like malaria and cholera. So we would like to supply electronic toilet to each families. Please help us to do this immediate need for Indian villages and slums.

5. Water purifiers:

Most of the people who are living in slums and villages in India are not supplied with purified water. Most of the water they drink are contaminated always causes them to have sickness. Some of the sicknesses are so savior, sometimes people die. It is our great concern to supply purified water to each home in every villages and slums in INDIA.

6. Food for deaf, dumb, and blind school inmates:

There are many deaf, dumb, and blind schools in India. Most of the schools are struggling financially for accommodating children and adult who are having these disabilities. So we are really concerned about the kids and adult. We have the vision to help schools like this in different parts of India. We want supply food, clothing , hearing aids to schools .

7. Distribution of wheel Chairs:

There are many crippled, handicapped people in India. Most of them are totally depend upon somebody in their homes for their movement. They do not have proper equipment for their momentum. We want to help them with wheel chairs to every handicapped people in India. It is a huge investment and we need your financial help for helping people are handicapped and crippled.

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