Leadership is the vital parts of all organizations. Successful leaders are for the successful organizations. We train and equip leaders for the spiritual and social development of the people in our nation. We are looking for dedicated men and women, who are able to take care of the job of evangelization, church planting and social and developmental work. Leadership team includes pastors, evangelist, teachers, administrators, counselors, trainers, social workers. We are here to build the leaders for a successful development of the people. If you want to join with our leadership team, please contact us. We are interested to train, equip and support leaders. We know that dedicated leaders are the key to success of our Ministry.

Pastoral Staff​

Pastoral staff are the leaders who are trained and appointed to lead the churches are established and to be planted in different parts of India by the HSM Ministries. They are taking care of the spiritual and social needs of the members who are saved and added in the HSM churches. We believe , through the churches only we can teach, develop and perfect in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. We striving for making disciples of Jesus Christ by planting churches in every village and town . This job is done by our pastoral staff. They are the staff , called by God to do this great job of planting churches. They are really having the burden and passion for the spiritual development of the people.

Organization Board

Board members are the organizational and administrative decision makers. Their decisions are based on the Biblical principles and the constitutional laws of the country in which HSM is working. Our Board members are dedicated and committed for HSM. Their decisions after proper consideration and evaluation. They take the administrative and financial decisions of HSM. They are experienced and capable people in spiritual , social and developmental areas of human life. They have broad vision about the nations of the world.

Board Members


Baiju Yacob

Vice President

Lesley Yacob


Rev. Manuel P Joseph (ThM)


Saji Y


Rev.Ashokan PK

Kerala Co-ordinator

PR. Anil kumar

Committee Member

PR. SteveN Moore

Committee Member

Melbin Solamon

Committee Member

Pr. Reji Varghese

Committee Member

Abi Das

Committee Member

Jayan. S

Committee Member

Raichel Roman

Committee Member

Gigi Babu

Committee Member

PR. Boban Cletus

Committee Member

Sajith Danison

Managing and Planning Team

This team work as an advisory board members to the Board members for helping them to take decision. They are experts in different areas of education, technology and administration. These team assist the Board members and other staff for their needs. They are educated people in different areas of human life. They implement the decisions taken by the organizational Board.

Counseling Team

Counseling is the advice or plan of action given to any person, who need help in their marriage or deliverance from addiction, alcohol, pornography, sexual immorality and habit of lying, stealing. and those who are financially broken in poverty, laziness and joblessness and struggle in co-operate with people in family, in job and in community. We are committed to give counseling to those who are struggling with these issues of life.