1. Church Planting

The Great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ is carried out with the preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ in streets and villages, through city wide open air evangelistic meetings, door to door evangelism; along with the demonstration of songs, wonders and miracles like in the days of the Book of Acts. The ultimate outcome expected is the establishment of local churches in virgin mission fields.

2. Training

Matthew 9:37 states, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” Faithful workers are the dire need of the hour. Young men and women who are completely committed to labor and save the lost must undergo an intense training and learning of Jesus’ style of Biblical education. A large group of laborers who are completely sold out for Jesus is our aim through whom we will execute the proclamation of the Gospel.

3. Prayer and Intercession

Spiritual warfare must be fought with all urgency in order to bind the strongman and release the captives. By saturating the land with fervent prayer and intercession this can be achieved. It is very important to know the works of the devil and to be armed with the whole armor of the Lord in order to resist him and his emissaries. Training prayer warriors and placing them in prayer is prerequisite for a strong support in this spiritual move. Jesus has been interceding for the church for over 2000 years and He is able to save ALL who come to the Father through Him (Hebrews 7:27). Success of any movement is based on the quality of prayer and intercession done before the Lord.

4. Literature Evangelism

Printing and distribution of Gospel literatures, such as Bibles and tracts, will bring great results in evangelism. The written Word, when it gets an opportunity to penetrate into the heart of a person, will do the work. Literature that stays in a home, a hotel room or in a person’s hand can do tremendous and radical changes in the lives of people. In a land like India, where the education rate is growing faster than ever before, literature is a great tool of blessing to know God deeper. Even used books can be donated us and we can place them in to the hands of hungry souls. Gospel letter ministry and Bible correspondence course will also be done to share the Gospel.

5. Internet Gospel Ministry

We cannot ignore the opportunity of being able to touch millions of lives via the internet through e-mail messages and the introduction of other Christian websites that share gospel truth for salvation and holy life. A group of experts are needed to fulfill this urgent need.

6. Audio/Video Ministry

Giving proper musical training, formation of Christian musical bands/artists, creating musical CD’s, distribution of Gospel films and videos is another outlet for effectively propagating the Gospel message.

7. Film Show for Liquor

There are millions of people die every year because of liquors use and many millions are dying by cigarette smoking. Drug users are more in young people life. Our ministry is dedicated to provide all the information to the alcoholics, drug addicted, cigarette smokers about the danger of this addictions. We want to display videos in public places where the people are gathering and also distributing videos free to the families severely affecting by this addictions.

8. Ministry for old –age home inmates, prisoners and in hospitals.

HSM dedicated to train spiritual workers to visit hospitals, prisons and old age homes for evangelization. Bible teaching, comforting and encouraging. These people are sick, tired, old stricken, bound and discouraged and depressed. They need prayer, comfort and encouragement for their life.


  • Pray for the ministry and God’s Servants
  • $100 will buy one tailoring machine
  • $35 will support a child for one month
  • $60 will support a pastor for one month
  • $65 will provide a bicycle to a pastor
  • $6000 will help to build a church building
  • Make a general contribution for ministry needs
  • $35 will support a Bible student for one month.

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