Christ Love!

Christ Love!

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Your donation is needed for the work of this ministry throughout Kerala and in India.

Church Planting

Preaching of the glorious gospel of Christ in streets and villages


Printing and distribution of Gospel literatures will bring great results in evangelism


The most popular causes to support in India are health, medical support and food charities.

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Our Mission

Harvesting Souls Mission (HSM) is a non-profitable registered mission organization. We are very much excited to meet you in this manner.

Our goal is to reach whole of India with an emphasis on the most unreached Northern India through five – fold Ministers (Eph.4:11) to plant brand new indigenous churches.


We cordially welcome you to our website! See and understand what we are attempting for the Kingdom of God. God will accomplish beautifully what has been started for His Glory. May God richly bless you and enjoy your visit!. Lost souls must be brought back to our loving God. The ransom to save each soul is fully paid on the cross with the precious blood of Christ. Millions of lost souls need to hear this Good News so that they can be redeemed by believing in the redemptive work of Jesus and live a godly life in to its full extent. Souls are ready to be harvested! Here we are, to march forward, with one aim–that is to save souls in this end time harvest hour! Gathering precious souls makes heaven rejoice. The land will yield excellent yield, and it’s the time for a massive harvest and gathering!


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