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Beloved in Christ

Greetings in the most powerful name on Earth, Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Welcome to our Home!

We are very much excited to meet you in this manner. We have received this burden and vision from our Father in heaven. We have been commanded by almighty God to proclaim the Gospel in the great land of India, far and wide. God has been confirming His call on us through prophetic utterances, dreams, and visions since 2010. This ministry is the outcome our submission to the voice of God. All the more, many tears and prayers have been spent in the presence of our Father in Heaven for His clear leading. We strongly believe that anything that is born out of prayer will stand fast!

When you enter here, you are entering into a God-given vision to reach out to all the people clusters of India. We covet your earnest co-operation, cordial prayers and sincere partnership in any and every way the Holy Spirit will ask you to do. Together, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can evangelize the most unreached parts of India, especially the northern parts, in the coming days.

We cordially welcome you to our website! See and understand what we are attempting for the Kingdom of God. God will accomplish beautifully what has been started for His Glory. May God richly bless you and enjoy your visit!

Harvesting Souls Mission

Man is the crown of all God’s creation. God wants man to enjoy fellowship with Him and share all His blessings freely. God’s heart ALWAYS goes after the lost man. God’s question is, “For what a man is profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matt 15:26/MKJV). Almighty God disqualifies all human efforts to save souls. In Psalms 49:7-9, He says that, “No one can ever buy back another person or pay God a ransom for his life. The price to be paid for his soul is too costly. He must always give up in order living forever and never see the pit.” Jesus has said, “For the Son of Man has not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save…” (Luke 9:56).

Lost souls must be brought back to our loving God. The ransom to save each soul is fully paid on the cross with the precious blood of Christ. Millions of lost souls need to hear this Good News so that they can be redeemed by believing in the redemptive work of Jesus and live a godly life in to its full extent. Souls are ready to be harvested! Here we are, to march forward, with one aim–that is to save souls in this end time harvest hour! Gathering precious souls makes heaven rejoice. The land will yield excellent yield, and it’s the time for a massive harvest and gathering!

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